Saturday, 31 August 2013


Mario and Domingo's

Patience didn't pay for a pair of wanna-be robbers who agreed to a restaurant owner’s request that they come back later to complete their robbery. Mario Garcia and Domingo Garcia-Hernandez walked into the Clifton Grill in Chicago and threatened to shoot the owner unless he handed over all his cash.

The quick thinking owner, who didn't believe they were packing heat in the first place, told them he’d love to help but unfortunately they’d busted in during a rush and he was just too busy. But if they wanted to, they could come back in an hour when things were slower and he’d have their takeout order of cash ready.

An hour later when the two men returned (!!!), police officers were lying in wait and arrested them. And it turned out the restaurant owner’s assumption was correct; the dynamic duo were packing water guns instead of real ones.

Result: They were charged with attempted robbery and possession of a replica firearm.
The may look threatening, but they're actually an idiots.

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