Saturday, 31 August 2013


The Small Details Count

Our coveted Stupidest Criminal of the Week Award goes to a Colorado woman, who tried to use a stolen ID on the woman to whom the ID belonged. Brianna Priddy, an Applebee's waitress, was delighted to discover the little brat who had ruined her week sitting right in her section.

The criminal apparently couldn't be bothered to look at the photo on the fake she was using long enough to realize it was the woman she was ordering from.

Nor was Brianna's "Brianna" nametag a giveaway.

In a confusing twist, the woman using the fake was actually 26—old enough to buy a drink with her own ID.

We're happy for the waitress, but we do find it sad that anyone would go to all the trouble of stealing a wallet only to buy an Applebee's Bahama Mama cocktail.

Go figure... Woman using the fake was actually 26

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